Tangled River

Read Tangled River on the web Tangled River is an all-ages color science fiction graphic novel, told from the point of view of Tanya, an artistic teen growing up in a space colony on a distant Earth-like world sometime in the future. Earth colonies have been set up across the planet, but a mysterious […]

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors is our postmodern take on adventure and romance comics, an attempt to meld genres, to fold, spindle, and warp the semiotics and sensibilities of Silver Age comics to our own idiosyncratic purposes.Strange Attractors pays tribute to the comics of the Fifties and Sixties and reflects the ways our […]


Mythography, from Bardic Press, is a giant-sized anthology of fantasy comics. Each issue contains a mix of stand alone short stories and ongoing series.

Forbidden Book

This is the premier edition of a series of square-bound 128-page short story collections, each featuring stories by some of the most respected talents in the comic industry. The theme is magic in all its many forms, and within that realm creators are free to explore where they will. These […]