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Tangled River is an all-ages color science fiction graphic novel, told from the point of view of Tanya, an artistic teen growing up in a space colony on a distant Earth-like world sometime in the future.

Earth colonies have been set up across the planet, but a mysterious event ten years previously has wiped out all technology. Tanya is one of the small group of children born on this planet, who have never seen any of the technological wonders that their parents once took for granted. Now at age 14, her life consists of school, chores, taking care of her sick mom, and hanging out with her rebellious best friend Licorice. All that changes when she sees a mysterious flaming object in the sky.

Set within an adventure/quest story, the heart of the book is Tanya’s relationship with her mother and friend, especially when both join her as part of an expedition to find the remains of the ship that brought them to from Earth. It’s a coming-of-age story, told as a memoir, as Tanya struggles to find her identity in a society where she isn’t highly valued.

Volume One focuses on Tanya’s relationships with Licorice and her mother Clarissa.  Licorice is adventurous, rebellious, and obsessed with the native culture.  Clarissa has been bed-ridden for years, due to some traumatic event that happened when Tanya was a baby. When Tanya comes across a substance that seems to cure her, their relationship takes a strange turn.

Subsequent events lead Tanya to believe that the object she saw in the sky was actually the orbiting Mother Ship plummeting into the interior. Thus, with her knowledge of where the ship might have crashed, an expedition is organized, in the hopes that they might find something in the remains of the ship that would help bring back their lost technology.

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